Red Shirts is a sci-fi/comedy webseries about life, love and, most of all, survival. Unit Zed – natural leader Bostwick, bookworm Garibaldi, ladykiller Monroe and intellectually challenged Barry – signed up for the Interplanetary Space Academy for one reason: to see the universe. Now that they are ready to board the I.S.C. Bichon space cruiser, there’s only one problem: they have the worst and most dangerous job in the galaxy! Space is likely their final frontier and their mission is to survive the odds.

Starring Nick Armstrong (Parks and Rec), Shannon McKain (Transformers: Rescue Bots), Arnie Pantoja (Hamlet 2), Brandon Henry Rodriguez (Vampire Bats), Jonny Svarzbein (Tournament of Nerds), Heather Barr (The Duel), Meghan Falcone (Californication)  and Deanna Russo (Satisfaction, Burning Love).

Created by Benjamin Warren and Ryan Gowland






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